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    Melanie Nayer: Hello, it's Melanie here at Life Tips and I'mhere with Byron. How are you doing, Byron? I'm a little bit taken back with the whole mother thing that just went on there. Byron: They've really got a work on their promotions for this show. I think this could be better than that. Melanie: Talking about my mother. Oh, my God! I have to watch what I say on the air. Byron: I felt so badly. Melanie: Well, what are you going to do, right? Moms are moms. So, I'm psyched today Byron because it's all about The Apprentice which you know I love. Byron: You're big fan of that show. Melanie: I'm a big fan of the show. I'm a big fan of the people on the show and I'm a big fan of the guest that we have on our show today. Have you ever watched it? Are you a fan? Byron: I've watched it enough to get a feel for it. It seems like a big, high-end internship opportunity, from my perspective. But, I guess, it is a great experience and I look forward to learning more about how the experience has changed the lives of some participants in it. So, that will be very exciting.

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