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    Melanie Nayer: Hi everybody, welcome to today's Life Tips show. This is Melanie Nayer, editor of Lifetips.com. I am flying solo today as the host of the show in an effort to hold on to what is left of summer in New England. My fearless leader and co-host, Byron White, took the afternoon off to golf with some buddies. Since Byron isn't here to spend the web marketing and SEO angle, editorial gets to dominate the show. So, I am quite excited about that, but in order to keep with Byron's theme, I wanted to devote this hour to sports and networking. As a reporter and journalist here in Boston, sports is in our blood, our heart, our souls and we live for it, whether its the Red Sox, the Pats, the Bruins, and of course, our favorite teams over in New York and Chicago who help us along the way. But, today what I thought we'd talk about is networking on the course and talk a little bit about business deals made when it comes down to sports and networking opportunities. I did a story for the Boston Globe last summer that talked about networking opportunities and how business deals were really made when you have a social connection. I am always intrigued at how sports really plays a larger role in business. So, we have a couple of guests today that I want to introduce you to. Our first guest is Alex Baldwin. She is the Vice President of Golf at the Fenway Sports Group. Alex is the Vice President, like I said for the Fenway Sports group but, she is also responsible for managing golf programs for the group's corporate clients. Most recently, Alex works with the Deutsche Bank Championships which was held here in Massachusetts down at the Tournament Players’ Club. She managed the sponsorship sales to generate new partner relationship so I welcome Alex, good to have you here.

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