• May 20, 2015

    Women on 20s Campaign Update, Which Iconic Woman Do People Want To See On A $20 Dollar Bill?

    Harriet Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, and Wilma Mankiller are the phenomenal, trailblazing women that may have a chance at replacing former president, Andrew Jackson on the American twenty dollar bill.

    Below are the results from the survey:

    1st place: Harriet Tubman 118, 328 votes
    2nd place: Eleanor Roosevelt 11,227 votes
    3rd place: Rosa Parks 64, 173 votes
    4th place: Wilma Mankiller 58, 703 votes

    Purse Strings host Maria Reitan interviewed Barbara Ortiz Howard and Susan Ades-Stone about the purpose and creation of the Women on 20s campaign. They were motivated by the fact that there were no women on any form of American currency at a time when women were voicing their right to vote and many people actually thought this campaign was a good idea.

    Many of you are probably thinking, why was Andrew Jackson targeted? Stone spoke on this matter and mentioned that the $20 is common, and it is frequently seen (especially from the ATM). And Andrew Jackson was no fan of paper currency; he was more into silver coins.

    Women on 20s next move is to lobby Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to redesign the $20 bill. President Obama has publicly endorsed the idea along with female public figures such as Academy Award winning actress Susan Sarandon, former first daughter Chelsea Clinton, and Melinda Gates (wife of Microsoft founder Bill Gates). Women on 20s goal is to have the $20 bill redesigned by 2020 just in time for the centennial anniversary of Congress's passage of the 19th amendment which permanently ended Woman's suffrage.

    Are you with the movement?