• October 15, 2008

    What is a Link Worth?

    So last night on the SEO Rockstars, I continued my probing question: "What is a link Worth?" This question has been bantered about quite a bit and my buddy Aaron Wall posted an interesting article thing morning over on WebProNews almost replying to some of these age old questions. Great post Aaron! Next Tuesday @ 4pm EST, we'll be interviewing Ron Wicker, CEO of Linkworth. Joining me next week as co-host for the SEO Rockstars, one of the originals...Todd "Oilman" Friesen! If you want to have your questions included in this next SEO Rockstars, feel free to post your questions here and I'll make sure we include them next week with our interview with Ron. If you missed it, you should check out last nights episode where Lee Odden and myself discussed the worth of directory links.