• March 19, 2015

    Webmasters Prepare for April 21st Google Mobile Friendly Deadline and Deconstructing Doorway Pages

    Google is on the move advocating for more mobile-friendliness in the search results. The sending of mobile usability reports and mobile-usability warnings via Google Webmaster tools to webmasters have generated a buzz that has made a lot of experts speak out.

    Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller commented this week on our SEO 101 program about the imminent deadline date circled around a lot of webmasters calendars. He explained that the algorithm would be rolled out worldwide in all languages, or as John further explained"we will be able to (see it and see if its mobile friendly".

    But the Google algorithmic chatter intensified with another pending algorithmic change as a Search Engine Roundtable story from Barry Schwartz explained, "Google announced they have updated their ranking algorithm to detect a larger and better set of doorway pages and thus wipe them out of the search results, as to improve search quality within Google's search results." SEO Rockstars hosts Chris Boggs, and Frank Watson explained how doorway pages were used as back as the late 90s to create different ways of driving traffic.

    No doubt these algorithmic changes, as well as all of the ongoing animal-named algorithms, will affect webmasters as we bounce into springtime.