• November 10, 2008

    WebmasterRadio.FM's SearchBash Vegas 08 - PERFECTO

    This week, the search and Internet marketing conference scene shifts to Las Vegas where WebmasterWorld's annual Pubcon is taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Pubcon is THE show for webmasters to share information with each other. There really is no other conference like it throughout the ever increasing number of search marketing shows. In short, it is a major conference. Going to a major conference without attending a WebmasterRadio.FM SearchBash is like going to Las Vegas without seeing a major floor show. We here at WebmasterRadio.FM understand stuff like that. We also understand that webmasters, search marketers and ad buyers are busy people, especially at major conferences. That's why we're producing the biggest, most off-the-wall SearchBash party we've ever produced. Check this out... On Thursday November 13, starting at 8PM, WebmasterRadio.FM is presenting PERFECTO. Set to music by the legendary Paul Oakenfold, PERFECTO is a Las Vegas floor show like you've never seen before. I'm not going to drop any hints beyond the obvious ones... Beautiful performers doing extraordinary things while the best webmasters in the world mingle, party and dance below them. Like I wrote, this show is like NOTHING you've ever seen before on stage or in the air. We're still taking registrations for SearchBash and if you want to get through the door, your name NEEDS to be on the list. Register for WebmasterRadio.FM's SearchBash Vegas 08 here.