• March 29, 2009

    WebmasterRadio.FM's Search Engine Strategies Coverage

    Veni, Vidi, Confero, Vici. We came, we saw, we interviewed, we conquered. WebmasterRadio.FM was all over last week's Search Engine Strategies Conference in New York City. By the time our three days at the show were complete, we had gathered over thirty interviews, live-casted both keynote speeches and the packed Orion session as well as a "Drunken PPC Masters Roundtable", and accumulated yet another lifetime of memories from a very lively week. The SESNY09 show was a great success. Attendance was visibly higher than last year with a renewed optimism amongst the crowd that has not been present at search marketing conferences for a few months. At one point early in the conference, event organizers appeared overwhelmed with far more same-day registrations than anyone could have possibly anticipated. The last minute surge of registrations actually forced a half-hour delay of Guy Kawasaki's keynote address on the first morning as organizers tried to funnel as many people into the Grand Ballroom as possible. By the time Kawasaki began his presentation, the back end of the room was packed far beyond capacity. Known as one of the most entertaining and innovative entrepreneurs in tech, Kawasaki is defining the use of Twitter as an overly effective marketing tool. WebmasterRadio.FM live-casted his address which is now available in podcast format in the SES channel. As the week wore onwards, WebmasterRadio.FM collected several interviews with speakers, CEOs, VPs, and other industry thought leaders. Those interviews are either already up in podcast format in the SES channel or are being edited for podcast as this paragraph is written. SESNY09 was bigger and brighter than last year and our coverage reflects that. We had a lot of fun working very hard last week. On behalf of WebmasterRadio.FM, I'd like to extend a note of thanks to the amazingly professional crew from Incisive Media, to each of the people who gave us a few minutes of their time (along with a great deal of their wisdom), and to the attendees themselves. Conferences truly are the culmination of the people who orgainze, speak and attend. SESNY09 was a great conference. You can catch all of WebmasterRadio.FM's coverage in podcast format in the SES channel archives. The keynotes and Orion panel are already posted. We expect to have the bulk of interviews up by tomorrow afternoon. Live-stream listeners will hear interviews inserted into our regular programming grid over the coming weeks as well. As the industry is morphing towards maturity, a great deal of change is taking place. From now until early December, WebmasterRadio.FM road crews will be out there several times each month gathering information and interviews one can only find here. Stay tuned friends, we have a lot more coverage coming this year. SESNY09 Highlights: