• January 29, 2009

    WebmasterRadio.FM takes ownership position in Affiliate Convention

    WebmasterRadio.FM, the premier B2B online radio and podcast network has taken an ownership position in the emerging Affiliate Convention scheduled for June 18th and 19th at the Denver Convention Center. Registration and attendance at the Affiliate Convention will be FREE for those who can prove they are working affiliate marketers. The sign-up and registration pages should be active in the next 48-hours.

    "Well, being the type of media property we are, we tend to have to be "Switzerland" most of the time," said WebmasterRadio.FM co-founder Daron Babin, "This time, I heard my listeners...just as this nation wanted change...so does the affiliate marketing industry! As a consortium of non-biased owners, we are incentivezed to provide the best education and networking experience and at an affordable price. I suppose that's the kicker....for verified affiliates...your cost to attend $0.00! As opposed to thousands of dollars in such a hard economic time, the affiliate needs every ounce of help they can get....and we're here to do that!"
    Sign-up and registration will be available through AffiliateConvention.com, WebmasterRadio.FM, AffSpot.com and WickedFire.com. Affiliate Convention is being designed to provide the widest coverage of issues, techniques, opportunities and programs available to affiliate marketers. More information will be available at AffiliateConvention.com in the next seven days.