• June 24, 2009

    WebmasterRadio.FM Sees 75% Increase in Listeners

    It has been a month since I last took a long look at WebmasterRadio.FM's listener stats. Since we changed our website and improved our distribution feeds in late January, the network has been far better able to track listeners across the number of channels our shows are accessible through. While we knew our stats were good, growth over the past four weeks has been incredible! Earlier today, WebmasterRadio.FM measured an overall 75% increase since listener stats were last taken in mid-May. WebmasterRadio.FM's audience access our shows in three primary ways. The first is as a podcast file through an outside service such as iTunes or Odeo. The second is on-demand listening or downloading from individual show archives on the WebmasterRadio.FM website. The third is by tuning in live when shows are scheduled to run. Of the three, the iTunes/Odeo group is by far the largest, accounting for just over half our audience at 53% of total listeners. On-demand downloads or listens comes in second at 32% of total listeners. Only 15% of our audience listens live when a particular show is scheduled. Given the actual listener numbers, that 15% is a rather intimidating group to think about when hearing the studio count down to one's mic going live. Certain shows had amazing increases but the largest were seen by specialty programming such as conferences, specials, and town-halls. The Public Relations Society of America conference channel, for instance, saw a 485% jump in listener numbers. Search Marketing Expo coverage jumped 445%! WebmasterRadio.FM coverage of adTech conferences saw a 286% increase over last month! Among specific WebmasterRadio.FM shows, the biggest increase in listeners was achieved by FiredUp! with Gordon Rudow which saw a 178% increase in listeners. Mobile Presence saw a 154% increase. CoverStory saw a 140% jump, Webcology saw a 131% jump, LifeTips saw a 123% jump and Landing Page Optimization with Tim Ash saw a 118% increase in listeners. We see a number of reasons for the increase in our listener numbers over the past four weeks. WebmasterRadio.FM just hosted the amazingly successful Affiliate Convention in Denver. We certainly gained a number of listeners from that effort. We have also been using social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook far more effectively. A third reason is a natural growth in the industry. As the only online radio network representing the digital marketing and B2B community, WebmasterRadio.FM is naturally attracting a larger audience as a larger community learns about the network. Last but certainly not least among reasons for growth is the quality of our programming. We've gone out of our way to work to bring shows our audience tells us it wants to hear while retaining as diverse a line-up as possible. New shows like LPO, Mobile Presence, and Office Hours appeal to specific listening audiences, as does Affiliate Marketing Insider, Domain Masters and the German language Webmasters on the Roof. Now that Affiliate Convention is put to the back burner for the next few weeks (we're planning Affiliate Convention ll for early December!), we have some time to develop a few new programs, work on our website and find new distribution sources for our one-of-a-kind programming. Wait 'till ya see what we have coming up for September!