• December 21, 2009

    WebmasterRadio.FM Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2009 Coverage

    WebmasterRadio.FM provided full coverage of the recent Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2009 conference with nearly three dozen interviews, 3 live keynote broadcasts and several on-the-floor conversations with some of the brightest minds in search marketing. This was perhaps the fullest SES Chicago in recent memory. It was also the end of a tradition as the last SES Chicago show scheduled for early December. Next year, the gorgeous Christmas decorations in the lobby of the Chicago Hilton will be replaced with a Halloween or Thanksgiving display. SES Chicago 2010 takes place in what is expected to be a much milder mid-October. The spirit of SES Chicago 2009 was one of family, familiarity and forward momentum. Many of our interviews paint a picture of economic stability and growth. The online marketing sector appears to have weathered the recession relatively well, innovating its way through an increasing diversity of communication channels. The upswing in ad-spend is real and sustained as is the uptick in confidence felt in and around digital marketing. The Spirit of Christmas Future may well be friendly to the techno-minded among us. Moving into 2010, Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2009 left an impression of forward thinking innovation in an environment marked by massive change. Here are the audio interviews, podcasts, keynotes and moments we gathered.

    Jeff Jarvis SES Chicago 2009 Keynote Jeff Jarvis is one of the most provocative and optimistic voices weighing in on the future of media, technology and business today, and is the author of What Would Google Do?" In this keynote presentation from Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2009, Jeff Jarvis discusses the impact of search and the Google economy on every sector from media to advertising to restaurants to government.
    Peter Morville SES Chicago 09 Keynote "Widely recognized as a father of information architecture, Peter Morville is the author of consecutive best selling books Ambient Findability and Information Architecture for the World Wide Web." Peter Morville's SES Chicago 2009 keynote presentation focuses on the idea of findability and the importance of a navigable and friendly user interface.
    Dan Siroker SES Chicago 09 Keynote "Dan Siroker is a web entrepreneur, known for leading the analytics team for the Barack Obama presidential campaign and his work as the Deputy Director of New Media on the presidential transition team." In this SES Chicago 2009 keynote, Dan Siroker focuses on how the Obama campaign used data to win the presidential election.
    Site Speed and Its Affect on Google Search Rankings Bill Hartzer, Search Engine Marketing Manager for Vizion Interactive, tell us about How Google Search and your site speed will affect your rankings, and what can be done speed up page loads, plus some visibility tips.
    How Network Intelligence is Transforming Search Bill Leake, President and CEO of Apogee Search, discusses his participation on the SES Chicago 2009 panel on The Quest for Perfect Information, How Network Intelligence is Transforming Search.
    Google Product Search for eCommerce Clients Adam Audette from Audette Media comments on Google Product Search for eCommerce Clients and the positive impact it has made on sales and traffic during the holiday season.
    Social Search and Distributive Reputation Systems Aaron Goldman, Managing Partner of Connectual and Marshall Clark Group Director of Search for Organic, Inc. discuss their respective SES Chicago 2009 panel presentations on social search and distributive reputation systems.
    NVI Solutions and Their Shirts NVI Solutions Director Sales & Communications Nicolas Cossette is responsible for all sales activities, public relation campaigns and external communications, and he tell us us about how the company specializes in Web Design, SEO Internet Marketing & Social Media for Websites, and how they sport eye catching schwag shirts at SES Chicago 2009.
    Tips for PPC Newbies Tyler Link of Link Search Marketing offers some tips for PPC newbies so you can generate traffic and revenue to your website.
    Cool Mobile Apps Barg Upender, Founder, CEO, Mobomo discusses his SES Chicago 2009 panel presentation with fellow panelist Cindy Krum on Cool Mobile Apps, Augmented Reality.
    SEO Needs a Sitemap Troy McCasland, VP Business Development at AutomaticSiteMap.com, offers his insight on the SES Chicago 2009 presentation by Tim Ash on landing page optimization, plus he tells us how SEO does not work without a sitemap, and how the company has been a successful startup company through an economic recession.
    Inside CNN.com and The Breaking News Process Topher Kohan, SEO Manager for CNN, discusses how the cable news network website handles breaking news, how they utilize Google and Facebook trends, and coordinates IT and the editorial staff to deliver the news.
    Is SuperPages.com Affected by Google Personalized Search Learn how SuperPages.com, which provides free business listings and online advertising services including Pay Per Click, Pay For Calls, Web sites and more, is being affected by Google and their personalized search results decision.
    Search, Social Media and Overall Marketing Working Together Sage Lewis, President of SageRock.com, gives his take on the growing relationship between search, social media and overall marketing.
    Newbie PPC Tips Jason Tabling, Director, Search and Media for Rosetta, which specializes in partnering with clients to discover the underlying drivers of consumers product usage, brand choice and profitability. Jason gives us some Newbie PPC tips.
    Outspoken Media Profiled Rae Hoffman is CEO and Co-Founder of Outspoken Media, which offers clients a comprehensive mix of SEO consulting, social media services, content creation, online reputation management, affiliate marketing and SEO training services.
    SES Chicago 09 Testimonial-Emy Sandberg, Mutual of Omaha Emy Sandberg, eCommerce Advertising Specialist of Electronic Media and Advertising for Mutual of Omaha gives her thoughts on attending SES Chicago 2009.
    Market Research for Search Engine Advertisers Talking with Martin Berman. VP of Direct Sales at AdGooroo, a market research company for search engine advertisers which monitors Google, Yahoo, MSN, Baidu, AOL, and Ask for paid search, natural rankings, and potential trademark infringement activity.
    Bend,Oregon-Birthplace of SEO Mark Knowles from Pixelsilk gives a detailed explanation as to why the town of Bend, Oregon is referred to as the Birthplace of SEO , back as far as when he worked with John Audette at Multi-Media Marketing Group with the likes of Marshall Simmonds, Derrick Wheeler, plus Adam and John Audette.
    Usabilility and Mobile Implications Kimberly Krause Berg, Owner of UsabilityEffect.com, discusses the importance of usability and the implications of how mobile is gaining importance going into 2010.
    Changes at Search Engine Watch We welcome the newly appointed Director of Search Engine Watch, Jonathan Allen. He fills us on some new collaborations and partnerships that will be used to add some new features to Search Engine Watch.
    Comparison Shopping Search Engines Talking Comparison Shopping Search Engines with Brian Bullock, Business Development Executive at Inceptor Search Marketing, a professional search marketing service offering industry expertise and results since 1999. PPC, SEO and CSE.
    Video Impact at SES Chicago 2009 Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR gives his comments on the various video crews that cover SES events, including WebmasterRadio.FMs new booth setup. Greg also gives his take on some of the memorable sessions he observed.
    Art of SEO, Duplicate Content and Multiple Site Issues Eric Enge, President of Stone Temple Consulting, talks about his new book The Art of SEO that he co-penned with Stephan Spencer, Rand Fishkin and Jessie Stricchiola. He also discusses his participation on the SES Chicago 2009 panel presentation on Duplicate Content and Multiple Site Issues.
    Efficient Frontier Performance Marketing Justin Merickel,VP of Marketing and New Product Development for Efficient Frontier, which is designed by and for small investors who recognize that long-term portfolio performance is determined almost exclusively by the allocation of assets among broad security classes.
    Social Media and Search Impact on PR Duncan Alney, President & Social Media Strategist, Firebelly Marketing discusses how social media and search will impact PR in the next five years.
    Images and Optimization Mat Siltala, Founder of Dream Systems Media discusses his participation on the SES Chicago 2009 panel on Images and Optimization where they explored enhanced image search along with image links, geo-tags, accessibility issues, alt attributes, surrounding text, filtering concerns, file sizes, image-specific search engines and a host of other important considerations for capturing targeted traffic.
    Bruce Clay and David Szetela Enjoy the Cocktail Hour Bruce Clay and David Szetela enjoy the libations of the after hours cocktail reception being held on site in the exhibit area of SES Chicago 2009.
    iContact for Email Marketing David Dorsey, Enterprise Sales Executive at iContact, which provides email marketing for SMBs and non-profits plus allows for easy creation of email newsletters, surveys, and autoresponders.
    SES Chicago 2009 Networking Newsforce CMO Dana Todd, who participated on the News Search Optimization panel at SES Chicago 2009, gives her take on the great networking at the show and what she think Google and their real time search.
    Bryan Eisenberg: After FutureNow Bryan Eisenberg, SES Advisory Board and New York Times Bestselling Author discusses whats next for him after leaving FutureNow, and how he and brother Jeffrey are penning a new book chronicling their weight loss success and lifestyle change.
    Customer Insights via Search Engine Tools Brian Ussery, Director of SEO, Search Discovery speaks to Cindy about his participation on the SES Chicago 2009 panel on Customer Insights via Search Engine Tools.
    News for Content Creation Dan Morris introduces us to Braffton, a specialist news agency for content creation and internet marketing specializing in unique, exclusive news articles about client industries and desired topic areas, which are published on websites and blogs, along with RSS, email and social media.
    Search Engine Marketing Call to Action Bill Hunt discusses how the Search Engine Marketing Industry needs to step forward with integration of keywords into brand campaigns and messenging, plus better management of what content gets indexed by Google.
    PR Trainer of the Year Sally Falkow, social media strategist and President of PRESSfeed discusses her acknowledgement by PR News for being named PR Trainer of the Year. She also discusses her participation in the SES Chicago 2009 panel on Online PR: Where to Next?