• January 29, 2009

    Webcology on WebmasterRadio.FM - Cut&Paste Tournament and Yelp Lawsuit Settled

    Today on Webcology, Dave Davies and I interview the founders of the Cut and Paste Digital Design Tournament. The show concludes with an interview we pre-recorded on Sunday with Michael Blacksburg, the attorney who represented Yelp Complaint defendant Christopher Norberg. The Cut and Paste Digital Design Tournament is an open challenge to all 2D, 3D and Motion Design artists to enter their work in a 16-city competition. Each city will have an event at which the designers face-off against each other with winners moving up the ladder towards the finals held on June 20 in New York City. As the Cut & Paste website says, "National reputations. Regional rivalries. Hometown pride. And some serious bragging rights." Following Cut and Paste, Dave and I interview the attorney who represented the defendant in the Yelp Complaint case which was settled earlier this month. Tune in to Webcology on WebmasterRadio.FM at 2PM eastern (11AM pacific) today, or download any Webcology episode on demand from the WebmasterRadio.FM archives