• December 17, 2009

    Webcology - Live from the Linux Caffe

    The crowd of high school students has returned to their classes and I am sitting with three or four adult geeks in what I suspect is about to become my new local hang-out, the Linux Caffe in downtown Toronto. I did not intend to write this as a recommendation but can't help myself. This is one of the nicest small cybercafes I've ever worked in. When I awoke this morning I found my home-office Internet connection had crashed. All my neighbors with unsecured WiFi (aka "Plan B") were down as well. Facing the first live-show in two weeks, not having a working connection was twice the problem it would normally be for me. Calling my Internet Service Provider, I found that my entire neighborhood was in fact down and that they were unable to do anything about it until later tonight or early tomorrow. After informing the poor call-center operator that the situation posed a catastrophic problem for me and finding out there was little to nothing she could do about it, I started seeking solutions. She did promise to pro-rate my bill to reflect X# of hours of non-connectivity. I called David Patrick, owner of the Linux Caffe to ask permission to work from and broadcast Webcology from his cafe which is conveniently located two blocks from my apartment. After hearing I was with WebmasterRadio.FM, David gladly agreed. He did me a larger service than he realizes. The show went off without a hitch. Linux Caffe supplied me with a hard-wire connection and enough information on the business for me to write this endorsement. For what it's worth, I've paid for all food and beverage I have consumed in the four hours I've occupied this table. Though the space is smaller, the cafe can accommodate at least 40 people online at the same time. Running sets of Linux based computers and servers, the cafe is the home away from home for much of Toronto's Free Software movement. Meet-ups, open mics and meetings are welcomed by the staff. For those living in or visiting Toronto, the Linux Caffe can be found at 326 Harbord St, just a block south of Christie Station. When I get around to organizing another Toronto Tech Meet-Up, expect it to take place at this cafe. Special thanks to Dave and his staff.