• December 19, 2009

    Vote for the Top 10 WebmasterRadio.FM Moments of 2010

    Brasco is preparing his annual Top10 WebmasterRadio.FM moments of 2009 and he's asking for your input. After listening to countless hours of files, he's chosen ten amazing pieces of radio. Please take a few minutes to check out these clips and then, in the comments section, let us know which way you'd rank them. We're publishing and podcasting the results in two sections, #'s 6-10 on Wednesday December 23rd and #'s 1-5 on Wednesday December 30th.

    a) The Inaugural Affiliate Convention
    b) Michael and Margaret Korda on Rainmaker
    c) The Bacon Explosion
    d) HBO Alzheimer’s Project on Rainmaker
    e) Eric Lander’s Blog post on Google Mafia
    f) Disa Johnson on Rainmaker
    g) Bill Waggoner fights with Bennett Kelley on Inboxed
    h) R.I.P Yahoo Geocities
    i) Eating Dog in Baidu, China
    j) Danny Sullivan returns for a Microsoft - Yahoo Deal Searchcast special
    We've had a truly fun time doing what we think is a fairly serious job covering the Internet and digital marketing world over the past twelve months. Thank you for listening. It's been an expansive year at WebmasterRadio.FM. Stay tuned in 2010, WebmasterRadio.FM has even more interesting surprises coming right up.