• January 15, 2009

    Vanessa Fox debuts "Office Hours" on WebmasterRadio.FM - 4pmET, 1pmPT

    Vanessa Fox premiers her weekly show "Office Hours" at 4pm eastern this afternoon on WebmasterRadio.FM! Airing live each week, Office Hours is an open to the public talk show addressing issues relating to search and the business of doing business on the Internet. Today's episode was pre-taped at Pubcon Las Vegas and features one of the original SEOs, Jill Whalen. Vanessa Fox is unarguably one of the brightest brains in the search industry. She left Google last year after leading the development of Google's Webmaster Central to found NinebyBlue.com and the JaneandRobot.com website. On “Office Hours”, Vanessa will answer questions submitted to her every week by listeners via her blog at http://www.ninebyblue.com/office-hours or by phone, email, Twitter, or in the WebmasterRadio.FM chat room. She will answer questions on a wide array of subjects including technical SEO issues, rankings problems, search metrics, web strategy, social media, community building, and audience engagement.

    “One of my favorite things about what I do is helping people. I get a lot of email and comments on my blog from people asking me questions about how to improve their web sites, or how to diagnose an issue with search engines.” Fox said. “This show seems like a perfect way to answer those questions and help more people at the same time! I'll post more details about the questions each week on my blog, so we can continue the discussion there.”
    Office Hours with Vanessa Fox airs live every Thursday at 4:00 pm EST and on demand inside the Search Engine Optimization Channel at WebmasterRadio.FM.