• February 8, 2009

    Valentine's Day...Just a big payoff!

    Honestly, the barrage of commercials from jewelry stores leading up to Valentine's Day is too much. Jane Seymour, the former Bond girl, has developed a new open heart design for pendants, bracelets,etc. Last year, the had to have gift for women for Valentine's Day was the journey bracelet. I'm of the opinion that most couples put on a good face out in public, when they're really miserable like Raymond and Deborah on "Everybody loves Raymond". Why do you think the show did so well, because the show was a reflection of most of the couples that watched. So, when the men of these "miserable" couples see Valentine's Day on the horizon, they feel the obligation of investing in the continued happiness of their significant other. Jewelry, flowers, candy, chocolates and lingerie are usually the expected items to be bought prior to V-Day, and then there's the day itself. Long lines at restauarants just to spend hundreds of dollars on a special menu of overpriced entrees and a bottle of wine. For most men, this is all done for what I titled this post, "The Big Payoff". If I were in a relationship, I would want to be with a woman that does not want this big payoff. That Valentine's Day does not need to be the only special day of the year. That the material things mean nothing, and that love is celebrated between you and yours everyday. This Valentine's Day, make a resolution not to fall victim to the big payoff for women that is Valentine's Day, but instead you show her you love her by what you do and what you say to her, and what you do in the bedroom together EVERYDAY and wth no excuses.