• April 6, 2009

    Twitter Love Day for and from #IMSB

    Something special happened in South Florida last week. A smaller conference made up primarily of people who consider themselves colleagues unfolded in Boca Raton. Easily one of the most anticipated gatherings of search marketing experts this year, those who made it to IM Spring Break obviously had an amazing experience. WebmasterRadio.FM is proud to have taken a part in IM Spring Break. We gathered a bunch of interviews and even called in for an update from Steve Plunkett and Chris Winfield on Thursday when our crew couldn't be there. Today we're seeing a lot of reciprocal love going down among the IMSB'ers. Twitter is awash in the ongoing #IMSB love-in. We've also been seeing a lot of love for WebmasterRadio.FM in those Twitter streams. It's wonderfully gratifying to see the truest spirit of the search marketing community come forward at events like IMSB. If you didn't make IM Spring Break, (sadly, I didn't either), Shana Albert outlines 23 reasons you should have. WebmasterRadio.FM gets a bit of lovin' there too. Thanks Shana ;)