• September 2, 2008

    Tornados, Shoutouts, and Heckler Guy: My first SES experience

    Well, I feel like I just got off a tornado, and let me tell you – the ride was awesome! I am of course referring to my first experience at SES. It was a whirling, exhilarating good time. From the show floor to the sessions to the Orion panels to Google Dance to the party of all parties: SearchBash!

    Highlights from the event:

    Throwing a few back with my peeps from Rock Solid Colo and Media Whiz

    Getting to know Jim Hedger

    Listening to Cindy Krum’s presentation “the death of the .mobi” as it gets interrupted by some heckler who owns 700 .mobi domains (Good for you, heckler guy! Tell the world that “It just hasn’t caught on here .Mobi’s huge in Japan!” –just like vending machines that sell used girls’ underwear for adults, dressing up like video game characters, buying air, or eating dog. Don’t you worry, dude; everything in Japan will totally catch on here.)

    Conducting interviews for the first time

    Daron’s presentation – I wasn’t actually there for it, but I heard he gave “the most impassioned and energetic speech by someone with laryngitis ever.” (Not my words – I would have used bigger ones). It was awesome; clearly the best presentation at SES. It changed my life –twice. (He’s my boss.)

    Chillin out with Paul O’Brien in the Fairmont Hotel Lobby

    Watching Becky Ryan and posse getting booed from the Rock Band stage (seriously, you guys need to stay home more)

    Sharing a room with Brasco

    Sharing great stories with Jeff Eckman from Ion Interactive after the show was over

    And of course, the swinging antics of the trapeze act at SearchBash. If you missed it; you missed out! The party was on!