• September 14, 2015

    Top Tech VC and Entrepreneur Rudina Seseri Introduces WebmasterRadio.FM to Next Gen Now

    Highlighting emerging technologies and businesses and the impact they have on our world is the focus of a new WebmasterRadio.FM weekly series called Next Gen Now, hosted by Tech Sector Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist Visionary Rudina Seseri.

    Seseri is a partner at Fairhaven Capital Partners, LLC, a venture capital firm specializing in investments in early stage, start-up stage, and growth stage companies.

    "Next Gen Now with Rudina Seseri will feature the innovative disruptors leading their industries and will discuss how their advancements are changing our world," says WebmasterRadio.FM President Brandy Shapiro-Babin.

    Next Gen Now with Rudina Seseri premieres Monday, September 14th at 4 pm Eastern Time with debut guest Editor-in-Chief at Streetwise Media, Galen Moore.

    Future episodes will include Technology Reporter for the Boston Globe, Scott Kirsner, DrizlyCEO Nicholas Rellas, and Jibo CEO Steve Chambers.

    "I am very excited to discuss the next generation of technologies and the life-changing impact these inventions and their commercialization have with the NextGen Now audience on WebmasterRadio.FM," says Seseri. "Not only will we discuss what is happening in these ground-breaking industries, but we will also discuss the challenging questions that some of these new technologies bring up." Listeners can expect a direct, challenging and highly engaging discussion that they will not want to miss.