• October 2, 2008

    Tonight! Digg's MrBabyMan at 6pm and Matt Cutts at 7pm

    What would an online newspaper look like if it didn’t have an editor? What if instead of bringing one man’s bias and opinions as to what was newsworthy, it allowed hundreds -- even millions -- of people to vote?

    That’s the idea behind social news sites such as digg, reddit, and yahoo buzz.

    Tonight on Rainmaker (6pm EST) we have arguable the most influential and controversial user of social media, a man known on digg as MrBabyMan. We are going to be talking with him about his real life, how he makes a living, his podcasts, and most importantly, his rise in popularity on digg, the controversy regarding his rapid submissions and recommendations (seriously no one can read that fast), and the constant calls for him to be banned.

    Loved and hated, he’s become something of an internet celebrity; he is Andrew Sorcini, aka MrBabyMan.

    Immediately following that interview (at 7pm EST), will be a special presentation of SearchCast with Danny Sullivan also featuring Matt Cutts, Software Engineer at Google. Matt wrote SafeSearch, Google's family filter. In addition to Google, Matt worked for the Department of Defense where he held a top secret clearance and worked at a game engine company. He has been at Google since 2000.