• July 22, 2009

    The WebmasterRadio.FM Chatroom is Back Online

    Temporarily shuttered for renovation, the WebmasterRadio.FM Chat room, also known as the lounge, is now back online. One of the most fun features of WebmasterRadio.FM programming has been the ability to meet and chat with show hosts and other listeners as a show aired. Usually there are about a dozen listeners hanging out in the chat room at any given time having a lively discussion about whichever show is airing, what the last guest said, or something to do with online marketing. Over the five year history of the station, the WebmasterRadio.FM chat room became a community. One could almost always rely on a few unique people hanging around in there. When we started rebuilding the site earlier this year, one of the casualties caused by the transfer was the chat room. That casualty is now mended. The chat is back and can be found by clicking on the Chat tab at the top of WebmasterRadio.FM pages or by following the link at the beginning of this post.