• January 8, 2009

    The Return of Webcology with guest Doug Heil

    Webcology returns for a New Year on WebmasterRadio.FM today at 2PM eastern. Bringing our audience a slightly skewed and lovingly cynical view of the Internet and digital marketing environment, Webcology strives to provide a "plain-English" explanation of the forces and personalities shaping the web based world we work in. Join WebmasterRadio.FM personality Jim Hedger (me) and co-host Dave Davies today as we interview one of the most controversial figures in Search Engine Optimization, Doug Heil. Today's show promises to be one of the most interesting interviews yet. Webcology is broadcast live. Literally anything can happen on live radio. To be honest, I have no idea how today's show will work out. As many listeners already know, Doug Heil is the owner/operator of the IHelpYou.com/Forums, the ultra-white hat discussion group that goes out of its way to call out digital marketers its members feel are spammers. Over the years, the IHelpYou Forums have caused intense debate and consternation within the industry. Today we hope to draw out Doug's views, opinions and long-term goals. Just a quick point before going to air. I met Doug for the first time in Chicago five weeks ago at Search Engine Strategies. He graciously particiapted in the Drunken Webmasters' RoundTable and ended up on friendly terms with Todd Friesen and Dave Naylor. He is a thoughtful and well spoken man in person with a sincere belief in his role calling others on techniques he does not agree with. As I wrote last paragraph, this should be one of the most interesting interviews we've ever attempted. Tune in live at 2PM eastern or download the podcast on demand in the Search Engine Optimization channel in WebmasterRadio.FM's archives.