• December 22, 2008

    The Best of WebmasterRadio.FM 2008 - Top Ten WebmasterRadio.FM Moments, #'s 6 - 10

    WebmasterRadio.FM engineer and producer extraordinaire, Sir Johnny Brasco, (The Enlightened) has compiled his list of the Top10 moments on WebmasterRadio.FM from 2008. This week's Weekly Rewind covers the first five. Here's a rare, behind the scenes perspective on how WebmasterRadio.FM (and all media outlets for that matter) operates. There is always one person in every media office who knows a hell of a lot about everything that happens in and around that media outlet. Here at WebmasterRadio.FM, we have Sir Johnny Brasco the Enlightened. Brasco knows everything. Period. Ask this guy for anybody's phone number and he rattles it off from memory. Suggest you want to book a guest who is on a ship in the middle of one of the world's most remotest oceans and Brasco will track that guest down. It's a surreal level of support, one that is more appreciated than words can ever express. Therefore it was more than appropriate Brasco choose the Top10 of 2008. He's literally the only person we can depend on to actually remember EVERYTHING we recorded over the course of the year. Without further ado, here's the first half of the Top10 WebmasterRadio.FM moments from 2008: #10) Jim Hedger reads the Eric Schmidt serenity prayer #9) Daron Babin exersizes with Jack Lalanne on RainMaker #8) Danny Sullivan shatters the record for longest WebmasterRadio.FM broadcast ever with his 2hour and 4minute Daily SearchCast on October 16 #7) Dave Naylor completely loses his composure live on Strike Point and laughs uncontrollably as Mikkel deMib Svendsen sends him to images of masturbation found doing image searches for friends names at Cuil. #6) Carolyn Shelby interviews a fully inebriated Loren Baker at the ScarySEO conference. Stay tuned next week for the Top 5, (above the fold), moments from a year of broadcasting the premier information and entertainment in the search marketing space on WebmasterRadio.FM.