• May 23, 2013

    Speaking with Search, Social, Link and Content Pros at PubCon SFIMA Summit 2013

    The PubCon conference circuit made their way to the annual summit of the South Florida Interactive Marketing Association or SFIMA last week, and guest roving reporter Jackie Jimenez from Alcantara Media spoke with a number of speakers that spoke at the day-long event on various search and social media marketing topics.

    We discusses SEO Agency and Campaign Management with James Loomstein, Senior Consultant with Crown Partners. He mentioned how hiring an online marketing agency does not guarantee success.

    We learned How PageRank Still Matters as we heard from Todd Mallicoat from StuntDubl.com and FishingCharters.com He discussed how links and linkbuilding still matter and how you should pay attention to links as well as your content.

    We discussed Social Media Optimization and Conversion on Facebook as Kim Krause-Berg, the Usability Analyst/Founder for Cre8asiteforums for Internet Marketing Ninjas, shared best practices and techniques for social media marketing on Facebook.

    Forensic SEO consultant Alan Bleiweiss discussed SEO and Social Medias top 10 improvements. He also explained a social media secret weapon: the Cascading Content Model that can be used to maximize the content you create to best results.

    We learned how to use the power of social networks to create social commerce with John Lawson, the CEO of ColderICE Media. He explained the importance for entrepreneurs to have a business presence in social media.

    Finally, we talked about scaling up with high quality content with Michael King, director of Inbound Marketing for iAcquire. He discussed how to make high quality content, including simple to use tools that include code and quality resources to build content we can all be proud of.