• December 12, 2008

    Singles Night at the Airport Hilton

    I have done my share of online dating.  I have tried them all.  From eHarmony to Yahoo Personals, it’s been an easy way for lazy ol’ me to meet women. Instead of going out on the hunt every weekend, online dating has made it easy for people like me to meet new people, and I have met a lot of women from signing up to these sites. Most recently, I’ve been using the free dating site Plenty of Fish. Again, like the other dating sites, I have met women on the site and I’ve had dated a lot of women from the site. With that said,  I decided to try to one of their social functions where many local members would fraternize. Maybe I would come out of it with a few phone numbers. So I went a Plenty of Fish sponsored singles night party, thinking I was going to meet some women around my age. Maybe I would meet some older women that might take to a young buck like yours truly. Let’s just say I found out that only the 55 and over club choose to attend these parties.  As I tried to filter past the majority of potential singles who, with all due respect, could have spent better time playing bridge than show up for a singles party, I realized quickly this was not a party for a guy half the age of every attendee. Blue hairs, bad toupees, and bad dancing, The music playlist was something out of a wedding reception. No women under 40. It didn’t take long for me to walk out feeling fortunate to exit this early bird event. Thought it was worth a blog post. So let that to be a lesson to you that online dating does work. But just like a blind date, singles parties are blind dates of a larger, or in my case, older scale.