• September 22, 2008

    SES Continues to Make Programming Changes

    So some may have seen the writing on the wall. Other's may want to say, "I told you so!" I say, "GET OVER IT!" As far as Search Evolution goes, this is nothing new. Time and again, we have seen our community fragment and move places due to certain loyalties that key people have been able to garner.  Nothing wrong with this, all interest groups needs a leader. Thank G-D, that there are numerous "interests" within the SEO community. Which gives way to numerous leaders and mentors to look up to for guidance.  Just as with the old days, you still need to do your own research and make up your own mind.  However, we're an industry people. We are more than just a few people gathering in a bar somewhere trading traffic or checks over a beer. We've grown to a massive global industry of professionals that requires leaders. Not just 1, but many respectable voices so that many different kinds of SEO's all over the world can find someone with whom they fit with on an intellectual level, but on a level that can challenge what you know about the space in which you work and seek to provide a fit for a small part of the void which is the need for solid, reliable SEO's/SEM's. I think a lot of focus has been placed on who was driving the boat over there, but I do have to say that there are enough people...with enough invested in this show for those of us who have 2 sets of eyes to not still see that SES can and still will be a formidable show. We've seen our space divide and split and re-invent itself numerous times...the great thing is...this industry is obviously not going anywhere. Stewart, Marilyn, Kevin...congrats and as we know all too well around here...the show must go on!