• July 25, 2011

    SEO 101 Nominated for 2011 Small Business Influencer Awards

    SEO 101, our weekly SEO radio series hosted by Ross Dunn and John Carcutt, has been nominated for a 2011 Small Business Influencer Award. Ross and John have hosted the series since June 1st, 2009 and some of the highlights of the series have included interviews with WordPress Core Developer Mark Jaquith, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller, and a LIVE SEO 101 Roundtable for Affiliate Marketers at the Affcon 2010 Affiliate Marketing Conference in Miami, Florida. "I am so amazed that our little radio show is up against such heavy hitters, and its great to see all of the support we are getting from the listeners." Carcutt said. "It means alot to me that people care so much about what we do, we have a ton of fun doing it, but knowing that it helps so many people makes all the difference in the world." You can vote for SEO 101 by going The Small Business Influencer page under the News Outlets category. "The Small Business Influencer nomination was a nice nod to our hard work but what has really blown me away is the support of our listeners who have been voting day in and day out to get us a win," Dunn said. "I have no idea if we will stay at the top by the end of this contest but whatever happens I will be immensely proud of the support we have gotten." Voting closes on Wednesday August 10th.