• December 14, 2011

    SEO 101 Celebrates 100 Podcasts of Fundamentals and Friendly Banter

    SEO 101 will celebrate its 100th podcast on Monday December 19th at 5pm Eastern Time. A milestone befitting one the most downloaded programs to date on WebmasterRadio.FM. StepForth CEO Ross Dunn premiered on the SEO 101 radio series on February 2nd, 2009. Ross hosted the program initially with Jennifer Evans Laycock (Founder and President of SugarSpun Marketing) and Eric Lander (Vice President of Online Marketing Services at Emagine) throughout the spring of 2009. On June 1st, 2009, Director of SEO and Social Media at Advance Digital John Carcutt joined Ross to be his current cohost. "I can hardly believe 100 episodes have already passed mainly because I have so much fun doing the show with John. Dunn said. "It's so natural for John and I to chat and discuss SEO it seems like we are just making a slightly more formal version of our normal wisecracking chatter. As a result, I enjoy the show more and more each week and I am looking forward to hundreds more... if the listeners can stand it!" Stay tuned to the SEO 101 Facebook page for details on the upcoming 100th podcast.