• February 4, 2009

    SEM Synergy on WebmasterRadio.FM - 3pmET, 12pmPT

    SEM Synergy, featuring the crew at Bruce Clay Inc. airs live today at 3pmET or Noon pacific. Today's show looks to be quite interesting covering; the economy, analytics and the long tail. The show starts with a look at analytics. Every dollar spent on a search marketing campaign has to count, especially in a weakened economy. Bruce, Susan and Virginia cover, "... how analytics help marketers spot the trends occurring on their site in order to leverage user interests, alleviate bottlenecks, and better direct visitors to places of interest on the site." Next, SEM Synergy interviews the founder and president of one of the newest analytics tools used by search marketers Richard Zwicky of Enquisite. Enquisite recently inked a partnership between itself and Bruce Clay Inc. On SEM Synergy, Richard talks with Virginia about their recently announced partnership. Bruce Clay Inc. now offers Enquisite to its clients for more powerful performance and conversion tracking. Closing the show is a discussion of longtail search optimization. There are an awful lot of searches conducted using odd or longer phrases. If your site is not optimized to attract those searchers, you are losing a fair amount of business. Join SEM Synergy live on WebmasterRadio.FM or download a SEM Synergy podcast on demand from the WebmasterRadio.FM archives.