• March 17, 2010

    SEM Synergy Celebrates Its 100th Show

    WebmasterRadio.FM is proud to celebrate the 100th episode of SEM Synergy Wednesday March 17th at 3pm Eastern and Noon Pacific, with a landmark live broadcast featuring hosts Bruce Clay, Susan Esparza and Virginia Nussey, who has served as the show's executive producer since day one. Listeners have been glued to their media players and iPods to catch the weekly message from the man who first coined the term "search engine optimization". The show has touted some fascinating guests including Matt Cutts, Avinash Kaushik, and Bryan Eisenberg. The 100th episode promises to be a show that will allow listeners to interact with the hosts. On behalf of WebmasterRadio.FM, we couldn't be more privileged and honored to be working with the team at Bruce Clay first and foremost as a longtime sponsor, but as a partner in delivering high quality educational and informative programming. We encourage everyone to join us for the live broadcast and interact with listeners in our chatroom as we congratulate SEM Synergy for being one of the best programs on the network. Here's to 100 more incredible shows!