• October 17, 2008

    SearchCast Marathon

    Wow, Danny Sullivan is quite a talker. 2 Hours! Seriously, who’s going to listen that long?

    Turns out a whole ton of people did.

    SearchCast went an unprecedented 2 hours last night to become our longest single show ever; and, I might add, one of our most popular! Here is a link to the on-demand version.

    So what did he talk about?

    Danny spoke at length about the flood of Google Android G1 reviews. Most are positive, even so positive that they sound a bit like advertisements (fanboys will do that, I guess), but some are mixed. Overall, it seems like a really good phone/mobile internet browser.

    He also talked a bit about other search engine news, such as the new source data for broken links in Google Webmaster Tools, the way that SEOmoz's new crawler will expand their toolset, and the implications of the removal of the directory links from Google's webmaster guidelines.