• February 14, 2012

    Search Engine Results: Far More Than Keywords

    Most folks who market using the Internet in any way are familiar with the use of keywords. In fact, many believe that by putting in as many keywords as possible they will garner a higher position in search engine results (SER). They are very wrong.

    Search engine optimization (SEO) should be left to a professional; otherwise, you run the risk of your results being buried on page 1,251 of the search engine results. Overusing keywords is known as keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing sometimes makes copy almost unreadable, and content on the page is often ignored. A click on your page will not generate an income-producing action if you have keyword stuffed. Not only do the search engines frown on this practice, but potential customers and clients think of keyword stuffing as nothing more than Internet-based spam.

    SEO is a tactic to get a potential client to your page and then perform an action. The action can be clicking through to your website, purchasing something or signing up for a newsletter.

    For SEO to be successful, keywords should be blended into copy that is engaging and original. If one of your keywords is bike, using word modifications such as biking, biker, or bikes, etc. gives you variety in keyword use and doesn't bombard the reader with the word bike. Just be sure to include the word variants in your tags. Another strategy of SEO is the use of photos, clip art, video, and sound. Not only do these mediums enhance your page content, search engine crawlers are unable to see or hear them. Thus, the robots read the tags and the information in the tags is taken at face value. Here is your opportunity to include keywords that will be indexed without accusations of stuffing, without ruining your content, and provide a more interesting page to the reader. Click-through rates are known to be higher on media-rich pages.

    Location information is vital. If your business is near a landmark, name it. If it is in a particular neighborhood, state it. This technique enhances your SER. When the landmark is searched, your business might be included in the search results or the nearby area of results. If you own a dry cleaner business in Sacramento that is near historic Old Sacramento, you might mention something like Serving Historic Old Town Sacramento and neighboring area for 25 years. You may pop up on Old Town Sacramento searches, but more importantly, you will show up for a search such as Dry cleaner, Old Town Sacramento. Along these lines, you should also have your business listed on Google Places. There is no charge and the interlinking to your website raises your SER.

    SEO experts also advise Internet marketers that to be successful; content must always be relevant and current. News from three months ago on an electronics website is not going to engage as many people as a story about what is happening at present and why or what will happen shortly. Stale content kills click-throughs.

    Remember in the not too distant past when you looked in the Yellow Pages and the first company you would find for almost any heading was AAA Something? All those guaranteed the Yellow Page Advertiser placement at the top of his section. The advertiser always was in first place in a keyword search. What the first letter of the alphabet did for Yellow Page advertisers in the last century, is the same as what professional SEO writing can do for you on the best marketing platform available in this century Internet.