• December 1, 2008

    Satellite Radio: Why is it so hard to listen to?

    I went to RadioShack and finally decided to pick up a subscription to Sirius, along with a portable receiver with a car kit. Thinking that this kit would be easy to install, I ended up spending about an hour and a half in the Radio Shack parking lot trying to set this up. First, I tried to place the receiver in a steady place, on one of the several AC vents on my car. When I saw it wouldn't work, I tried to take the receiver off of the AC Vent and it wouldn't come off. That tug of war lasted a good 20 minutes. I ended up pulling out a part of the dashboard, but luckily it all snapped back into place. During this amateur installation session, I saw through my rear view mirror a monsoon of a rain storm coming straight for us (Sunny Florida!). I guess someone upstairs wanted to make this project a little more difficult. After setting up the installation (unprofessional as it was) I tried to work cleaning up the 100 feet of antenna wire that ran it along the side doors of the car so I could place a magnetic antenna piece on top of my car. No matter how much I tried to configure the wiring, it left me driving with a suspended spiderweb of wires. I already replaced my factory radio with an HD Radio so I do not want to buy another radio to come with Sirius. Count that to me being cheap on this investment, but I've decided to seek professional help for the nearest car stereo installation shop. Now for those of you asking why would i buy into satellite radio, it's because: 1-I'm a radio junkie 2-I listen to WebmasterRadio.FM about 10 hours a day, so I could use a little variety :) 3-It's cheap. Plus, most of the XM Channels I liked are now on Sirius so it was the right time to buy it. To me, there's no such thing as too much radio.