• July 21, 2009

    RevenueWire Town Hall - Identity Pro - 5PM Tues.

    In April 2009, RevenueWire introduced the Identity Pro software to their affiliate network. Atherion’s Identity Pro Software was designed to locate and protect user IDs, credit card information, passwords and more. Built with US military technology, Identity Pro automatically scans your machine, and finds and protects your important personal data with a powerful scan, encryption and lockdown protocol. In this scheduled Town Hall Meeting, Atherion co-founders Matthew Henne and Jamie Southworth along with Kyle Murphy, Merchant Account Manager of RevenueWire tell us about the Identity Pro software and the marketing strategy behind releasing the product.

    “We’re going to utilize the effective marketing strategies that affiliates have built up over the years,” Henne said. “What we’re going to do is give them a new, hot product that they can immediately recognize and sink their teeth into.”
    This town hall meeting makes it the third to be broadcast on WebmasterRadio.FM. The previous two episodes have offered the following:
  • A discussion on Landing Page Basics
  • A roundtable conversation offering critical information for digital advertisers and ecommerce merchants
  • This radio program will be available on demand after the broadcast inside the Town Hall Meetings Channel of WebmasterRadio.FM.