• December 4, 2008

    Rainmaker: Craig Newmark Returns to WebmasterRadio.FM

    Craig Newmark, the pioneering founder of Craigslist.org will talk about his work blogging about the Obama campaign on behalf of the Democratic National Committee on the WebmasterRadio.FM show, Rainmaker this afternoon at 6PM eastern. Craig Newmark became a certified entrepreneurial success giving away free classified ads. Founded in 1995 craigslist has grown to become the largest classified advertising network in the world. Built around a well ordered but seemingly endless list of cities, states, provinces and nations, there is a craigslist market in almost every major city around the world. Craig Newmark has forever changed the traditional news media by making classified advertising virtually free. Craig's community activities include being on the advisory boards of Climate Theatre and Haight-Ashbury Food Program as well as supporting local writers through Grotto Nights. Craig has been featured in the Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Business Week, Time Magazine, and Esquire Magazine. As one of the DNC’s strategic Internet advisors, Craig Newmark helped shape the image of Barack Obama’s extraordinarily successful use of Internet applications such as blogging, social networking and search marketing. Newmark himself covered Obama, blogging on behalf of the DNC. The DNC’s use of the Internet has changed the tone of American politics forever. As a guest on Rainmaker, Craig Newmark will talk about his advice to the DNC and his work blogging the Obama campaign. He will also discuss new concepts that have come out of his dealings with the Obama team including one they called “Craigslist for Service”. Craig Newmark’s appearance on Rainmaker is his second visit with WebmasterRadio.FM. Craig Newmark appeared on WebmasterRadio.FM show CoverStory on October 22 in advance of his keynote address at the 2008 Public Relations Society of America Conference.