• May 12, 2008

    PPC Rockstars with David Szetela makes it's debut!

    PPC Rockstars Logo

    WebmasterRadio.FM is proud to announce the newest show on the network:  PPC Rockstars with David Szetela! This is what David had to say about the new show in an earlier message:
    I’m jazzed to report that my first PPC Rockstars broadcast/podcast “airs” on WebmasterRadio.fm (http://www.webmasterradio.fm/Advertising/PPC-Rockstars/) today, May 12, at 4:00 PM EDT, 1 PM PDT, 21:00 GMT. The show will be broadcast live (or sometimes “taped”) every Monday thereafter, at the same time. My first guest is one of PPC’s brightest stars, Matt Van Wagner of FindMeFaster. In each week’s show I’ll feature a current or future PPC Rock Star, and have a discussion about one particular aspect of PPC advertising. The goal will be to provide listeners with meaty tips and advice that they can use immediately to improve their PPC campaigns. Topics like conversion optimization, shopping process optimization, etc. are fair game. Listeners are guaranteed to learn insider PPC advertising tips and secrets that will make (or save) them big chunks of money - or I’ll cheerfully refund the price of admission. ;-) And I’ll sweeten the pot: listen to the first show (the live version or the podcast - available via Webmaster Radio and from iTunes), and then send me advice for future shows using The Clix Marketing PPC Blog’s Contact form (http://www.clixmarketing.com/blog/contact-us/), and I’ll send you a free Clix Marketing T-shirt and an opportunity to appear in The Clix Marketing PPC Blog Dry T-shirt Gallery.