• June 18, 2014

    PPC Professionals Share Their PPC Playbook in New Weekly WebmasterRadio.FM Series

    Get ready to expand your pay-per-click skills and knowledge as WebmasterRadio.FM presents new radio series called PPC Playbook premiering Thursday, June 19th at 3 pm Eastern Time. PPC Playbook, hosted by Shane Ryans and Maria Perilli from PPC Professionals, will instruct listeners how to create and manage highly optimized PPC campaigns with the latest tools, techniques and strategies to help you increase your ROI. The shows premiere episode will focus on best practices for a Google Adwords account structure. Upcoming episodes will focus on topics like merging SEO and PPC ideologies, A/B Testing for PPC Landing Pages, and tutorials on basic and advanced Google Adwords analytics. Stay tuned every Thursday at 3 pm Eastern and Noon Pacific following Webcology for PPC Playbook to gain insider tips and practical advice on how to get the best from PPC advertising.