• April 23, 2009

    PenelopeTrunk back live on the radio tonight, plus Chat is back

    Hello , it's your wonderful (ego-inflated) producer Brasco. Penelope Trunk is doing her radio show, and I'm encouraging you to hear this show tonight. She's doing the live in her new time slot 8pm Eastern /5pm Pacific tonight. She's not like every other radio show we have. She's bold, outspoken and really smart. Plus I laugh my tail off every time she opens her mouth. So , all of you wonderful (said it again) WebmasterRadio.FM listeners, if you have time to listen in please do. Also, for vthose of you that were not aware. Our chatroom is back up and working http://www.webmasteradio.fm/Chat. If you have IRC just go to #webmasterradio or... Log in from the above link and do the following Type in your/a nickname You'll see an empty chat room Type #webmasterradio, and you'll see a hyperlink Click on the hyperlink. See you online and in chat tonight! www.webmasteradio.fm