• September 23, 2008

    Pay no attention to the woman in the red dress

    We’ve all seen Alpha Women – women who seek status and show their dominance through their clothes, cars, careers, and families. The woman in the proverbial red dress.

    It’s hard not to ignore them; unless you are marketer. Because if you want to be successful in reaching woman; it’s probably better to go after the Gamma woman.

    What’s a Gamma woman?

    Author and marketing expert Lisa Johnson – founder and CEO of The Reach Group – explores that exact topic today on PurseStrings, Live at 3pm. Lisa made her debut on the show a few weeks ago, sharing the results of a study she conducted in conjunction with Lisa Finn and Meredith Corp: "The Gamma Factor: Women and The New Social Currency." This time around, Lisa takes a deep dive into each of the five Gamma segments. Find out which one YOU might be.

    1. Connector

    2. Catalyst

    3. Family-Focused

    4. Do-it-yourself (DIY) creator

    5. Challenge-seeker