• July 22, 2008

    Part 2. The Yahoo-Google Agreement & The Future of Internet Advertising

    Tonight on the SEO Rock Stars, I will play in its entirety the Opening Statements for this Senate Hearing. For those who normally don't watch CSPAN or delve deep into politics, but make your living on the internet...then this episode is for you. You can expect to hear from The Honorable Herbert Kohl, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights. On this episode, we will hear the actual testimony from the hearing with all the opening statements from the witnesses as follows:

    • Michael Callahan, General Counsel, Yahoo
    • David Drummond, Senior V.P., Corporate Development & Chief Legal Officer, Google
    • Brad Smith, Senior V.P. & General Counsel, Microsoft
    • Tim Carter, President and CEO, AskTheBuilder.com
    • Matthew Crowley, Chief Marketing Officer, Yellowpages.com
    In tonights episode, we have time to get through opening statements...next week in Part 3, we will broadcast the Question & Answer portion of this Hearing. This is a time for e-commerce professionals to speak out, make your voices heard! Join in the chat room and enjoy this weeks newest SEO Rockstars.