• January 23, 2009

    Open Letter to my newly laid off Clear Channel Brethren

    I was a former employee of Clear Channel for close to 5 years before I found the dream job of my career at WMR. I had the luck at CC to be a board operator working the 10pm-5am shift weeknights. I never saw the big bosses, nor did I have to see the bitchy staff in traffic or the arrogant salesholes. I got to work in programming for some great news/talk, top 40, classic rock and A/C talent, with the occasional number of jerks. I saw a lot of advantages working there, but I always knew that I did not want to stay for a long time. Although I respected how they had pretty good benefits and their micromanaging methods to maintain their bottom line, they treated their on-air talent and accompanying staff like CRAP. 1,850 employees this week got the ultimate F-U by Randall and Mark Mays , moving forward with cleaning house due to lower ad revenue, economic downtimes to suck up to their new owners. Eventually, the homogenization plan of Clear Channel radio stations will be complete, with untalented Ryan Seacrest tossing softball questions to every unimportant celebrity) on every top 40 station in America. I keep a Clear Channel Snow Globe on my desk that I got from an annual Christmas party as a tribute to all of you that have been neglected and sent out into the cold. I wish all of you luck, and hope for radio to get better.