• January 29, 2009

    Obama Adds to White House IT Team

    President Obama added former Google project manager Katie Jacobs Stanton to his White House Staff as the President's Director of Citizen Participation. While at Google, Ms. Stanton was one of the lead moderators in the Google Election Group and headed the Google Moderator project. After the election, Google Moderator was used as a tool to suggest initiatives at the Obama transition website, Change.org. At the White House, Ms. Stanton's role will be to use web tools to help people communicate with the new administration. Having started at Google in the pre-IPO days of 2003, Ms. Stanton was fully vested before Google's stock rose to meteoric heights. The position shows a willingness to embrace new technologies to open dialogue between the new administration and the public. It will be interesting to watch how the initiative works out in the future.