• July 15, 2009

    No GoogleDance at SES San Jose 2009 - SearchBash Stepping Up

    Google has said it will not to throw a Google Dance event at the upcoming 2009 Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose California. The decision was made in reaction to the recession during a year which saw Google make the first round of layoffs in its corporate history. Hosting a party estimated to cost $1.5million could be seen as sending the wrong message in a declining economy. Google, which is still among the largest sponsors of SES San Jose, is expected to use the four-day conference to heavily promote its YouTube video platform. It is going to be a strange experience being at SES San Jose without making the annual pilgrimage to the Googleplex. Google Dances were always larger-than-life events. Held at their enormous headquarters in Mountain View, the Google Dance was seen as one of the MUST DO networking events, attracting thousands of people each year. It was also one of the few remaining non-exclusive events open to all SES attendees, speakers and booth staff. The experience was an annual bonding ritual for everyone involved with the conference held at the closest thing search-geeks have to a universal holy land. Well choreographed, meticulously planned and lovingly executed, the Google Dance was a cultural experience the community is going to miss. WebmasterRadio.FM is stepping in to throw the premier party event of the conference. SearchBash SJ09 is going to be the largest WebmasterRadio.FM produced SearchBash event yet. "We intend to beat the Nov08 SearchBash experience in Vegas", says WebmasterRadio.FM co-founder Daron Babin. "The SearchBash party thrown in Vegas during the Pubcon Conference was a spectacle, even by our standards. Without Google throwing a party in San Jose, we know our party needs to be bigger this year." The SearchBash party at Search Engine Strategies San Jose will be larger and wilder than ever. With no Google Dance this year, WebmasterRadio.FM is providing the only non-exclusive party of the conference. More information about this year's SearchBash will soon be posted on the WebmasterRadio.FM site, SearchEngineWatch.com and in the SEW Forums.