• October 15, 2008

    Nick Hayes, Director of Influencer50 on CoverStory

    Today on CoverStory is Nick Hayes, the director of Influencer50's.

    Nick has over 20 years experience working in technology marketing, for companies as large as Microsoft, HP, Sun Microsystems, and Adobe to start-ups and niche players. As the former founder of a successful technology PR firm, Nick saw that traditional PR was becoming commoditised, with clients simply trying to squeeze a little more coverage out of the same model of press relations.

    Nick and Brandy will discussing influencer marketing strategies, get some background on some of Nick's work collaborating with Microsoft, Oracle and Sun Microsystems, and learn more about Influencer50 and Nick's work in building influencer strategies.

    Nick says that Influencer marketing is at the same stage PR was at a few years ago --with a small number of firms that understand the benefits reaping big rewards.

    All of this begs the question; is he right? Sound off: Is influencer marketing the new PR?