• February 27, 2009

    Newly Improved :: WebmasterRadio.FM

    2009 has been an interesting and expansive year for WebmasterRadio.FM/.  As regular visitors and listeners have noticed, the website looks and acts differently today than it did last week.  We've made a number of changes in the past eight weeks.  As one can imagine, making changes in a network as large as WebmasterRadio.FM is a complex and difficult undertaking. We are proud of WebmasterRadio.FM’s accomplishments and each of the shows running on the network. WebmasterRadio.FM is among the largest online radio and podcast networks in the world. With over 15,000 historic files in our archives and nearly 25 hours of fresh content added each week, WebmasterRadio.FM is the voice of the online advertising and B2B industries. This year we want to push further. WebmasterRadio.FM is making significant changes to our operations. From the launch of a new podcast and webcast platform to the development of seven new radio shows, we’re expanding the reach and relevancy of the WebmasterRadio.FM network. Our shift to a more versatile platform allows us to offer hosts and listeners a wider range of communication tools and has made our podcast and webcast distribution systems more robust. Newly Developed Website and Distribution If you visit the newly redesigned website, you can see some of the directions we’re taking to make better use of the website and social media networks. Some of the features include:

    • Easier navigation for users,
    • Removal of the paid-subscription model,
    • New and archived content will now be freely available to listeners with older shows being added to the new database as quickly as we can upload them,
    • Specific show pages and show host biography pages,
    • Live Twitter-feeds (with permission of each show host) for communication during live-shows and promotion,
    • Link to Facebook fan page (designed for interested show hosts by WebmasterRadio.FM),
    • Link to show hosts’ MySpace pages,
    • Link to show hosts’ personal or business blogs
    We have also instituted new technical standards for our blog, RSS and iTunes feeds and upped the quality of our live shows and pre-recordings. Our goals are to grow our audience base, provide more professional coverage of a wider array of topics and issues in the B2B & digital communications industries, and to present a more professional image of ourselves and the digital marketing industry. Building the Network Since January, WebmasterRadio.FM has introduced five new shows and has four others in development. The new programs and hosts are
    • Fired Up! with Gordon Rudow of Bonfire Communications (Mondays at 1pm),
    • Landing Page Optimization with Tim Ash of SiteTuners (Mondays at 2pm),
    • Social Networking Now with Mark Brookes and Mark Lesnick of the Social Networking Conference and iDate (Wednesdays at 12noon),
    • Mobile Presence with Cindy Krum of Rank Mobile, Jordan Kasteler of SearchandSocial, and Kim Dushinski of Mobile Marketing Profits (Wednesdays at 1pm),
    • Office Hours with Vanessa Fox (Thursdays at 4pm)
    Returning Shows Two previous programs rejoined the WebmasterRadio.FM line-up in January.
    • The Shoemoney Show returned to WebmasterRadio.FM with host Jeremy Schoemaker (Thursdays at 5pm)
    • SEO-101 returned with new hosts Jennifer Evans Laycock of Search Engine Guide and Ross Dunn of StepForth Web Marketing (Mondays at 5pm)
    In-Development We have four new programs in development covering:
    • social media,
    • the business of the economy online (or the economy of online business),
    • search and PPC analytics,
    • career counseling
    We highly value your opinions and feedback. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the new site or our initiatives, please let us know.