• January 22, 2009

    New "GoogleBomb" Temporarily Defused by the Media

    The new and improved presidential "GoogleBomb" is a far nicer and more optimistic one than its predecessor, "miserable failure" was. Earlier today, the keyword phrase "cheerful achievement" linked to the new and improved WhiteHouse.org website. It has also proven far easier to defuse than the first one was. Shortly after the story broke on Twitter, the mainstream and tech media picked it up. The original effort now ranks in the sixth or seventh position after media reports of the exploit. The originator of the "cheerful achievement" GoogleBomb, Quebecois SEO Eric Baillargeon, said it took less than 24-hours from blog post to Twitter campaign to temporarily push the Barack Obama bio at the WhiteHouse.gov website to the top of Google rankings under his selected phrase. Assuming the effort stays alive and the mainstream and tech media stop linking to each others reports, the keyword phrase, "cheerful achievement" should reach #1 again.