• February 19, 2009

    Moving the Station to a New Platform?

    WebmasterRadio.FM is pulling a CMS301 (or 302, depending on the outcome of internal efforts) in order to rid ourselves of that nasty cascading series of CMS404s that have caused frustrations for our staff and our listeners. Running a multi-channeled online radio network is complicated. There are literally hundreds of little and big things that make dynamic, professional online radio network work. It's difficult to take stock of and accurately report on it all, especially so since when one piece goes wrong it tends to cause a multitude of other things to breakdown. A snippet of code requiring updating can cause a bunch of related elements to start to unravel. That's what started happening late last week. We've been pulling it together with bailing wire and bubble gum while planning a path out of the swamp ever since. Now we have a strong plan. Over the next few days, WebmasterRadio.FM visitors and listeners will notice a number of changes to the look, functionality and usability of our website and our podcast feeds. We're moving the station to a WordPress platform while we get our backend CMS working properly again. If the migration works well and WebmasterRadio.FM content is more easily to distribute and access, we might remain on the WordPress platform. We're pretty sure we can make the switch without interrupting any live shows or severing any RSS feeds. The exercise has given us a renewed appreciation of how deep our database of interviews is. Looking back at five years of webcasting and podcasting, it's amazing how much material we have compiled. It's going to take a bit of concentration to ensure listeners have access to the full archive. WebmasterRadio.FM fans and listeners will be happy to know we are moving away from the subscription model. Regardless of the platform we settle on in the coming weeks, listeners will have full access to all current and archived content. Fans and listeners will also be happy to know we are developing four NEW shows on top of the five new or redeveloped shows we have presented since the beginning of 2009. Focusing on business, web advertising, social networking and affiliate marketing, our improved line-up is designed to cover the full gamut of the market we work in. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please feel free to post them here.