• February 7, 2012

    Mobile Presence Reconnects with Listeners Starting Wednesday February 8th.

    Mobile Presence, the weekly mobile marketing radio series that examines all things mobile from devices to software, services and SEO, returns with new episodes on WebmasterRadio.FM. When Mobile Presence first debuted in February 2009, the mobile marketing industry was a billion dollar business and now on pace to reach a $100 billion by 2015, not to mention a smartphone customer base that bought over 400 million phones in 2011 those facts reflect an unquestionable need for WebmasterRadio.FM to bring back Mobile Presence said WebmasterRadio.FMs Director of Programming and Production Jorge Hermida. This radio show will provide listeners with a new way to connect and learn about new advances in mobile application development and marketing. Listeners can choose from a variety of online live and stored sessions, said Thomas Castleberry, Chief Operating Officer at SkyWire Media, Inc. We are thrilled to be a part of and discuss mobile technologies, our extensive experience, and our patented mobile solutions with the Webmasterradio.FM listeners. The premiere episode will feature new hosts Nicole Hurley and Joe Walczak offering helpful tips for Deploying a Successful Mobile Marketing Strategy. Internet Marketers should recognize that with the rapid expansion of mobile phones and smart devices, their messages can and will be heard faster with quicker responses from their customers when utilizing mobile technologies, said Hurley. This means their messages will need to be clearer and more concise with value propositions the consumers can act on immediately. Mobile Presence will air every Wednesday at Noon Eastern / 9am Pacific.