• February 18, 2009

    Mobile Presence Premieres Today! Marketing Roadmaps, Analytics and Content on WMR Wednesday!

    WebmasterRadio.FM presents a new show addressing the rapidly growing mobile Internet market, Mobile Presence, premieres Today at 1pm Eastern Time. Hosted by noted mobile marketing thought leaders Cindy Krum, Jordan Kasteler and Kim Dushinski, Mobile Presence takes a rounded and expert look at one of the fastest growing segments in online and digital marketing. “We will focus on mobile SEO and development, and also cover SMS and mobile email strategies,” said Cindy Krum of RankMobile.com. “Mobile Presence will look at how mobile fits into the marketing mix. Mobile isn’t meant to stand on its own, so we will discuss how it can be most effectively integrated into your existing marketing campaigns.” Look for the show on demand later today. Also on the network: Cover Story 2pmET/11amPT Guest is Susan Getgood, Principal of GetGood Strategic Marketing and the Marketing Roadmaps Blog. SEM Synergy 3pm ET/Noon PT Today’s show is aimed at the intersection of analytics and content. Guests are Bill Leake, president and CEO of Apogee Search, and Alissa Ruehl, manager of website effectiveness consulting, talk to Virginia about the latest in conversion tracking and testing. (Courtesy: SEMSynergy.com) Life Tips 4pmET/1pm PT Guest is Maraline Krey, health guru and master of "Small Changes That Make A Big Difference". She's back new health changes you can make right now for a better life, what pH scale is and where we fit in, expounding on the ToDo's (how to shop, prepare food, diet & nutrition shortcuts, foundational versus targeting), expediting the health process (healing cycle, toxin removal, exercise), and her Fast Result Button! Domain Masters 7pm ET/ 4pm PT Victor Pitts will interview Theo Develegas of Acroplex LLC,. who operates a new domain blogger aggregation service called DNGator.com.