• March 29, 2015

    Mobile Measurement, App Development, and Wearables: Mobile Power Players React

    Mobile is moving so fast and is getting so complicated, that in order to be successful in mobile you need to accept that you are going to work with lots of different partners.

    These are just some of the takeaways that the mobile tech strategist Uyen Tieu, (Co-Founder and CRO of Rumble Inc) shared with us, following a recent recording of her flourishing new radio series Mobile Power & Profit on WebmasterRadio.FM; which has reached 2K downloads since it launched only 2 months ago.

    In the show, that airs each Monday at 3 pm, Uyen sits down and interviews global mobile thought leaders to uncover key tips, tools, and trends to share with our listeners. However, we wanted to get an inside scoop of her take on hot-button subjects in the mobile industry.

    Besides being a co-founder of Rumble, a hot mobile technology company making waves in the industry with the only end-to-end Mobile Management System for publishers, Uyens expansive experience in mobile and digital marketing as a leading strategy executive at MTV Networks and as the head of Global Ad Sales Strategy at Microsoft gives her a unique perspective on all things mobile.

    Below is our interview with the host.

    What do you think of Googles imminent algorithm rollout to filter out non-mobile friendly sites? Google, Apple, and Facebook can make policy changes that can have a lasting effect on how every single company out there connects with their mobile users. This is scary to be at the mercy of their whims, however in this case major kudos to Google for giving a hard deadline for companies to make a better experience for their users --- its been way too long for any company out there not to have a mobile site since the average website gets 50% of their traffic from mobile devices.

    How do you think companies should best approach their mobile strategy? Mobile is moving so fast and is getting so complicated, that to be successful in mobile you need to accept that you are going to work with lots of different partners. For instance, some key elements your mobile strategy could be beacons, push notifications or native event tagging, but the chances that you are going to be the best expert in any one of those elements are slim. There are so many complexities to manage that finding the right partner has become crucial. Shows like Mobile Power and Profit can help you navigate this by bringing together industry players and hearing directly from them what they went through to find the best partners.

    What are two key trends you see in mobile? Right now, there are many technology players that are making it easier for publishers and marketers to dream big. The days of hiring 40 developers to create an app are going away because there is a whole new generation of better, faster and cheaper providers, like Rumble, that allow companies to do a lot of different things at a fraction of the cost that they're used to. This new influx of players is making people go back and re-evaluate what is possible for them.

    Secondly, there are so many apps and programs collecting your data (location, the tilting of your phone), and this data is now being used to be more predictive; this is both scary and exciting. What we will be seeing is a lot of personalization in the space now that companies have a trove of data to work from over the past eight years since the iPhone has been introduced.

    How do you see the future of wearables? Wearables are going to be big - I think developers are excited about it. The smart-watch allows us to think about motion more meaningfully, for example, what does shaking your wrist activate within an app? Google Glass wasn't the most natural way of behaving. However, a watch is much more natural and will likely be adopted more widely.

    Finally, from over the dozen guest interviews, you have done, what has been the most surprising thing you have learned? It's been very surprising how no matter what part of the mobile landscape they come from, all the guests seem to agree that people need to keep focusing on their key business goals, and see mobile as a powerful tool to help accomplish those goals. Because mobile is moving so fast and there isn't a standard playbook for people to follow - it's very easy for them to get lost in the execution details and lose sight of what they are trying to achieve.

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