• July 13, 2009

    Microsoft Office Rises into the Clouds

    Microsoft today announced it was going to take its market leading productivity suite Office online and into the clouds. Opening the beta test phase, otherwise known as a "Technical Preview Engineering Milestone", Office 2010 has officially arrived on the scene. The Office 2010 package which is to be offered free to consumers online will include functional but slimmed down versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. Following the "three screen" strategy outlined by Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie, Office 2010 users will be able to use and synchronize documents on their mobile phones, web-browsers and on their desktops. Office 2010 is being built to allow collaborative work between members of a task-team by enabling document sharing through permissions set by the document originator. Documents can be stored on a user's hard-drive for personal use or on a Microsoft server (in the clouds) for projects requiring active collaboration between team-members. Office 2010 will be made available to consumers later this year when it comes out of beta.